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The Department of Education Support Services is concerned with the creation of educational programs on the audio, video and CD carriers and the realization of electronic publications and e-learning courses. In the area of IT, it is a workplace projecting and assuring the settings of ClassServer for eLearning at the Czech Technical University. The Support Education Centre assures technical and creative support in this area. At the moment, the workplace is equipped with all necessary technology for picture and sound digital recording as well for its processing. The Department of Support for Education is a service centre of the Czech Technical University for other ordered services of the rector’s office, faculties and it is a part in the fields of photo, audio and video as well as of electronic publishing. It holds seminars for pedagogues and students, cooperates in arranging international projections of educational products and it closely cooperates with professional workplaces in the Czech Republic and abroad. The programs are made in close cooperation with pedagogical and professional employees of departments and institutions of all faculties and they are members for educational support during lectures, seminars and reading rooms for individual studies of students. The creation of video programs of the Support Education Centre is comparable to so called professional one. The pictures, recording new technologies and procedures, complete lecture notes with the picture, bring various integrated information and, what is more, they are a suitable complement of teaching. Video pictures, greatly processed both from professional and film points of view, often can represent all professional educational films at international festivals. Many of the programs made in Department of Support for Education have been awarded at festivals both at home and abroad.

The Department of Education Support Services has been the main organizer of the TECHFILM Festival. Since 1992 The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU in Prague) has been the professional guarantee of the festival, and its enunciator – who is always the rector of the Czech Technical University in Prague - has been the president of the festival since 1998.  The employees of the Czech Technical University in Prague participate in the preparation, organization and technical assurance of the festival and the organizational staff. They are also members of the selection committee for the competitive projection, in the international jury of the Festival, they participate in the preparation and evaluation of the national competition of multi-media instructional products of eLearning. They are proactive in participating in professional seminars and sectional discussions that are concomitant events of the festival. Every year, the rector of the Czech Technical University awards the most significant foreign film. The Czech Technical University also annually sends up instructional video programs and multi-media programs created in the Support Educational Centre into the competition of the TECHFILM Festival.

Within the agreement with the Infor Film Service, being part of Krátký Film Praha, the Czech Technical University of Prague annually receives a collection of awarded pictures into a permanent usage. This collection stays in the Czech Republic according to the Statutes of the festival. The films are available for students and employees of faculties and they are part of the Czech Technical University.


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